Capillaris pen

Aero-engineered writing instrument machined from a solid rod of aerospace titanium alloy.

The pen is manufactured out of Grade 23 titanium to tolerances of a few microns on a benchtop lathe. After each machining step results are manually checked in order to maintain top quality.

Delivered in a custom cardboard box hand made by master bookbinder Zsófia Cholnoky.


Material Grade 23 titanium alloy, sourced from BIBUS METALS AG, Switzerland
Weight barrel 19 g | grip 5 g | cap 3 g | complete pen 29 g
Length capped 129 mm | uncapped 125 mm | posted 144 mm
Diameter max 12 mm | grip 11 mm


Nib Titanium F #5 or reversible F-M / Architect
Feed Type 180 by PETER BOCK AG, Germany
Converter International standard K5 by SCHMIDT Technology GmbH, Germany
Surface hardening Oxygen diffusion process to achieve a 1000 HV hardening zone of 40 µm by Expanite A/S, Denmark